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Meeting your children and determining their needs is the first step toward organizing their fun spaces! Children are more likely to stay organized when they’re involved in the planning and they can see how cool all their stuff looks when put in the proper places. And we make organizing cool! Added bonus: If your child has ADD, you know that a sense of order helps them with their daily routine!


  • Meet with your children and determine their needs
  • Engage them in the planning process
  • Design a new room layout and storage solutions
  • Give your children fun tasks to help with, if they’d like
  • Walk them through where everything now goes!

“Sunnie was extremely helpful with our renovations. We have two children and she knew how to accommodate our storage and organizational needs. We were on a limited budget and she worked with us so that we could remodel a portion at a time and get the most for our money.”

Michael & Torrie Smith

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