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kitchen and bath remodeling


What’s more fun than a perfectly put together kitchen and bathroom?

With all the affordable options out there today, there’s no reason why you can’t have a custom kitchen and bath that meets your every need: 


  • Talk with you about your needs 
  • Engage you in the planning process
  • Design a new room layout and storage solutions
  • Choose between our imported cabinets or one of our local Custom Cabinet makers according to your budget
  • Organize it with Louisville’s own Rev A Shelf quality products and Shelf Genie pullouts are always a must in the kitchen and pantry!

"Sunnie has incredible vision of how to use space. Whether it is a closet, kitchen or a floor plan, she sees the right solution and will design the best way to achieve order and flow. She has a gift for solving special spatial problems, with an eye for what is beautiful.”

Fran Fargen

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